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Export Just What You Need in FileMaker

airplane maintenance layout including photo of a kid sitting ON the turbine engine
context means viewing things from a certain perspective; photo by antonio menanno

example file: Airplane_Maintenance.fmp12

The Lesson of Context

One of the first lessons I learned with FileMaker is that of context! Layouts, reports, calculations, scripts, and so on all act from the perspective of a single Table Occurrence (TO) — the “context” — pulling in data from related tables as needed. Generally, the record set being acted on is the set of records in that context table occurrence or a found subset thereof. There are a few exceptions to this, however, and today we’re going to explore one of those.

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Installing xhtml2pdf on OS X

Xhtml2pdf is a cross-platform Python module that allows easy conversion of HTML or XML to PDF files. Its dependencies, ReportLab & Pisa, also have a host of very useful functions, including programmatically creating or modifying PDF content & creating barcodes.

Of particular interest to us here at Beezwax is using it to work around the lack of PDF generation functions when running server-side FileMaker scripts. But the steps below should be useful for even non-FileMaker folks who wanted to use xhtml2pdf on their system. The install instructions are not hard, but due to a few minor complications, definitely not obvious to someone unfamiliar with Python’s package management tools.

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