Day 3 Sessions | Tableau Conference 2019

And we feel welcomed!
Greeting us from the Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Hello again from Tableau Conference 2019 in sunny Las Vegas! Here at Beezwax, we had 5 attendees this year with a diverse set of sessions between us. I wanted to give a rundown of what I went through and some of my takeaways.

View my thoughts from Day 2.

Zen Master: Design Secrets for a Non-Designer

This was a fantastic session! The speaker broke out design into a systematic manner that was clever and entertaining. She laid out a process for documenting how to design dashboards that would seem great for self-managing Tableau devs (and project managers who are new to Tableau). She also explained some simple rules to follow for design and instances where you might want to break the rules.

Dashboard Design with the User in Mind

A lot of my sessions so far have been overall design with better layouts and organization, but this session took a bottom-up approach to designing dashboards — interview and develop for the users. We should definitely always keep the consumers in mind when putting together vizzes, and this session really explores this.

Amp Up Your Vizzes: Impactful Dashboard Design

I’m really loving how diverse these design sessions have been. Much of this session has been about more of the storytelling and engagement you can accomplish through data. This was very much a utilitarian approach to design that would fit best in a business environment while keeping the experience relevant and interesting.

KPMG: Analyze, Visualize, Comply: Analytics for Managing Risk

Risk analytics is huge — especially as we become more and more data-driven. This session hosted by KPMG covered balancing increasing IT costs using analytics and improving the information that we can find actionable. There is a tremendous amount of value this can provide, and this session walked us through the steps from pitching analytics to management all the way to deployment.

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