Beezwax Sponsors EngageU Claris FileMaker Developer Conference

Vincenzo Menanno Presents “Elements for Building Great Solutions” and InspectorPro

This week, November 12-14, we’re in Antwerp, at EngageU. It’s one of the biggest Claris® / FileMaker® Developer community events worldwide this year, and Beezwax is proud to be a sponsor.

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Advanced Search and Replace with Vim

I find search and replace to be a remarkably interesting topic, because it touches on so many Vim concepts. As a text editor, one of Vim’s superpower is composability, which enables combining small commands to accomplish complex tasks with search and replace.

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Dynamic FileMaker UI Using Layout Calculations

Layout calculations in Claris FileMaker enable us to include dynamic elements in text objects. This is a deceptively powerful addition to FileMaker’s layout capabilities. We’ll describe how layout calculations work, and detail three interesting things about them.

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Data Gold: Uncovering Qualified Sales Leads in Your Database

Will a new client contact me today? Will they tomorrow?

As a business owner, salesperson, or marketer, you cannot afford to wait for business to come to you passively. You are likely doing everything you can think of (and afford) to attract new business while also doing your best to keep past customers happy.

What you may not realize is that you are sitting on a gold mine. There’s a treasure trove of past leads and customers that you must do everything possible to activate. Mining through your Contacts database is like panning for gold. Sure, it can be tedious, but the Gold Miners who actively search regularly find areas likely to be more prosperous.

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Pause 2023, an (un)conference

Pause (née “PauseOnError”) this week, highlighted by FileMaker Summer Camp in the northern Georgia hills.

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Harnessing Business Momentum with Claris® FileMaker®

Russ Catanach is Marketing Director at Beezwax, as well as host of the podcast DIY For Business. He’s sharing his insights, especially from a business perspective, on being a longtime Claris FileMaker user and developer.

Harnessing momentum is a crucial factor in business success. You can fuel innovation, enhance efficiency, and foster growth by leveraging past achievements and embracing swift progress.

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Claris Product Roadmap 2023 – Streamlining FileMaker Solutions

FileMaker® developers and users now have a clearer picture of their platform’s future thanks to Claris’s unified and simplified platform strategy. This latest news, announced August 29, rolls back the idea of a dual-platform strategy announced a year ago, and highlights the continued support for FileMaker as central to ongoing Claris® product plans.

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Handling Historical Data with FileMaker and AWS Athena, S3 & Serverless

In this blog post, we will explore a solution for optimising a FileMaker app that handles large amounts of data. We will address the challenges of data storage, file corruption, and performance degradation when dealing with historical data.

By leveraging cloud storage and serverless computing, we can offload and query this data efficiently, ensuring better performance and scalability.

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demystify FileMaker and JavaScript [FM-JS]

You’re invited to explore this demystify(FM-JS) blog post and download this demo file – as you embark on expanding your Claris® FileMaker® solutions into the vast and captivating realm of JavaScript.

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dotfmp: Python + Claris® FileMaker® | Historical Data & AWS Athena/SQS/S3 | UX & DX for Great Solutions

Christos Savva, Fabio Bosisio and Vince Menanno from Beezwax present at dotfmp Berlin, 2023.

This week we’re in Berlin… one of the stops on the Road to Claris Engage 2024 …gathering with the developer community, and highlighting innovation for the Claris FileMaker platform development. As conference speakers at dotfmp Berlin (June 1-3), Christos Savva, Fabio Bosisio and Vince Menanno from Beezwax present three sessions:

  • Enhancing FileMaker with Python
  • What do you do with all this historical data in your app? [AWS Athena Interactive SQL / Serverless / S3 with FileMaker]
  • Elements for Building Great Solutions [FileMaker UX & DX]
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Tableau Conference 2023 – Highlights

Greetings from Tableau Conference 2023 (TC23) in Las Vegas, and beyond. Beezwax’s Data Analytics & Tableau Developer team is attending, both in-person and virtual.

TC23 is designed to reveal and inspire, with new product information, plus Tableau (and Salesforce) company roadmaps. More importantly, there’s plenty of insight from TC23 sessions including technical topics, case studies, thought leadership, cool demos, community inspiration, and hands-on learning.

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Let’s make an audit log with Claris FileMaker 2023

Claris FileMaker 2023 puts powerful, native audit logging within reach of developers, with a greatly reduced code footprint compared to existing approaches. In this blog post we introduce the OnWindowTransaction script trigger, leveraging it along with native FileMaker script transactions to create an audit log that is efficient, scalable, flexible, performant, and convenient to implement.

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FileMaker 2023 Perform Script on Server with Callback – Episode IV: Call Ya Later

FileMaker 2023 introduces Perform Script on Server with Callback, a new asynchronous method to execute scripts with FileMaker Server. Now we have a way for FileMaker Server to execute another script, a “Callback” script, when one script is done processing via Perform Script on Server. It’s like calling your virtual assistant and instead of waiting on the phone for 5 minutes for info, they basically call you back when they are ready with an answer.

The end result is improved performance, better management of complex script workflow, enhanced user experience, and new possibilities for handling integration with APIs, email and services like Claris Connect.

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Los Altos Hacks – Largest West Coast Student Hackathon

As the 2023 Hackathon Season hits springtime, this weekend brings Los Altos Hacks VII. This event is a 2-day, student-led, in-person hackathon…and the largest high school hackathon on the West Coast.

We’re proud to sponsor and provide mentors, and especially, we can’t wait to see what these talented developers can build!

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Videos: Improving Your FileMaker Code with InspectorPro 7

Illustration of a man sitting on a sofa

Five Ways InspectorPro 7 Can Improve Your FileMaker Code

Want better collaboration, performance and insight for your FileMaker development teams? With InspectorPro you can leverage advanced diagnostics, perform in-depth analysis, and gain insights with new visualizations.

Check out these videos from InspectorPro creator & Beezwax Chief Innovation Officer, Vince Menanno.



Problem Reports Dashboard

Track your progress while reducing problem code, and reducing technical debt.

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Script Monitor

Create a visual and interactive representation of your script interactions, where you can monitor them and stay aware of their activities.

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Search with LOgiCATOR

Locate InspectorPro 7 data with logical precision, including constrained and unconstrained finds within your solution analysis.

 Watch now 




Security Perspective

Identify the privileges and security levels assigned to various user roles for each script.

 Watch now 




Advanced Information

Identifying indirection, scripts states and more.

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Special Offer

Book an InspectorPro consultation at a special rate.

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Native HTML Email in Claris® FileMaker®

Claris FileMaker has built-in methods to send email in HTML format, using SMTP protocols. I’ll cover what this means, how to use this functionality, and use FileMaker to send basic HTML email.

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End to End Web Integration for Claris® Platforms

Alec Gregory from Beezwax presents at the Claris Beyond Meetup.

Let’s talk about building web UIs, JavaScript functions and new integrations for Claris FileMaker and Claris Pro. Learn how you can manage various stages of the web integration process with the open source bzBond.

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Web UI and JavaScript with Claris® FileMaker®

Alec Gregory from Beezwax presents at DIGFM & Bay Area FileMaker Developer Meetup.

Let’s talk about building web UIs and JavaScript functions using Claris FileMaker.

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The New Horizon: Script Transactions in Claris® FileMaker®

Script transactions in Claris FileMaker are finally here, but wait! Haven’t we done “transactions” in FileMaker for a long time? Yes and Yes. But script transactions are different and the main advantages, that I see, are the possibilities of simplifying code and improving solution performance. I’ll elaborate on these in this post. And, of course, there is also the inherent benefit of doing things transactionallyall or nothing is the law of the data.

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Modern Full-Stack Web Frameworks: When to use What and Why

When it comes to choosing web development technologies, we now have more options than ever. And while that’s a good thing, it also poses a problem. Answering the question, “What is the ideal technology for this new project?” is not as easy as it used to be. In this post, I briefly highlight the most popular full-stack web frameworks, and why you might want to choose each of them.

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