Tableau Conference 2022 – Day 3

We finished three days of Tableau Conference 2022 (TC22) in sunny Las Vegas! The in-person and virtual attendees from Beezwax’s Data Analytics & Tableau development teams shared a few more highlights of TC22 sessions, with information, insights and a few key takeaways.

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Read our Day 1 TC22 session highlights here.

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By the way, most of these sessions are recorded, so these highlights also serve as a checklist toward future learning and review.

Where available we’ve included links to the Tableau Events Video Library recording for each TC22 session.

Make Every App an Analytical App with Tableau Embedded Analytics

This session covered embedded analytics examples including examples using the JavaScript API and the Tableau Server REST API to allow customized embedding and interactivity. There were several examples of how companies are creating “data products”, including use of anonymized information to share analytics and insights on specific markets (healthcare, consumer, verticals, et. al.).

Answer Complex Questions with Advanced Data Models

This session dove into the new features being released with Tableau Data Model.

Tableau Data Model slide from TC22You can still connect “final” data sources that don’t need ETL or cleaning together in basic joins in Tableau Data Model. But the new version allows more connection types, multiple joins to multiple fact and dimension tables, and UI to view relations better. This is all great news for those who use Tableau Data Model, but in most cases, we anticipate Tableau Prep or some other solution might be better suited to connect and join data in Tableau.

Hands-on: Replace TabPy with the Analytics Extensions API Service

This was a hands-on session using Python to leverage extensions in Tableau, and using Tableau Prep with Python scripts in calculations and prep flows, and pulling data from APIs without using TabPy. You can still use TabPy for it, but this is an option if that isn’t desirable. In the session, we walked through creating a REST service that uses the Analytics Extensions API.

Scale and Secure Your Analytics with Advanced Management Innovations

This session reviewed Advanced Management options. A highlight is containerization that’s now supported, along with support for services like RDS or other cloud-served database engines for usage history. The containerization runs on Kubernetes, and allows for dynamic scaling of Backgrounders based on time or load thresholds.

The Viz Gallery

Even if you’ve never seen the real-world Viz Gallery at Tableau Conference in person, there’s a virtual Tableau Public Viz Gallery where you can walk through any time you want. Currently in Gallery B there, you can check out some vizzes by the 2022 Iron Viz Contest Finalists. Really cool stuff!

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