Dynamic FileMaker UI Using Layout Calculations

Layout calculations in Claris FileMaker enable us to include dynamic elements in text objects. This is a deceptively powerful addition to FileMaker’s layout capabilities. We’ll describe how layout calculations work, and detail three interesting things about them.

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Claris Product Roadmap 2023 – Streamlining FileMaker Solutions

FileMaker® developers and users now have a clearer picture of their platform’s future thanks to Claris’s unified and simplified platform strategy. This latest news, announced August 29, rolls back the idea of a dual-platform strategy announced a year ago, and highlights the continued support for FileMaker as central to ongoing Claris® product plans.

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dotfmp: Python + Claris® FileMaker® | Historical Data & AWS Athena/SQS/S3 | UX & DX for Great Solutions

Christos Savva, Fabio Bosisio and Vince Menanno from Beezwax present at dotfmp Berlin, 2023.

This week we’re in Berlin… one of the stops on the Road to Claris Engage 2024 …gathering with the developer community, and highlighting innovation for the Claris FileMaker platform development. As conference speakers at dotfmp Berlin (June 1-3), Christos Savva, Fabio Bosisio and Vince Menanno from Beezwax present three sessions:

  • Enhancing FileMaker with Python
  • What do you do with all this historical data in your app? [AWS Athena Interactive SQL / Serverless / S3 with FileMaker]
  • Elements for Building Great Solutions [FileMaker UX & DX]
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Data Visualization in FileMaker Web Viewer

Alec Gregory from Beezwax presents at the Claris FileMaker for Research User Group.

Let’s talk about Claris® FileMaker® and data visualization with FileMaker 19 web viewer, and developing with open source tools!

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Design Think Your Code

Have you ever opened an existing solution, took one look at the source code – and your eyes just glazed over – as if you were attempting to decipher the Matrix?

You’ve entered the world of DX, or “Developer Experience”.

Just as User Experience (UX) refers to the experience of users, Developer Experience (DX) focuses on the experience that Developers have within the code of your system. This applies whether that’s code you inherited, code you passed on to someone, or code you originally wrote — all situations which affect a person I would call ‘Developer Next’. This could certainly be your-good-self, in six months time.

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Custom Functions For Today’s FileMaker Devs Of Tomorrow

While working from home, and continuing to hone one’s FileMaker skills, it’s important for developers to stay active with ongoing learning pursuits. Claris® FileMaker®, as the world’s leading Workplace Innovation Platform, supports both the rapid creation of new custom apps, as well as the practical application of solutions to solve real-world business problems. Here, creative ideation is critical.

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