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bBox 0.80 Now Available

Its been almost a year since we’ve mentioned bBox on this venue, but we are now pleased to announce that version 0.80 is publicly available.

A short version of what is new since its last mention:

  • new SQLite3 functions
  • enhancements to bBox_ExecuteSQL function
  • improvements to XPath error logging
  • XPath updated to libxml2 version 2.9.3
  • additional error results with POSIX commands (shell, grep, etc.)
  • method added for calling a FileMaker script from Python
  • additional data type handlers & bug fix for bBox_FileWrite

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FMAjax and FileMaker Web Viewers

With everything that we’ve learned with our last post, Communicating with a Web Viewer in FileMaker, it makes sense to wrap up the functionality into a FileMaker module and JavaScript library.

FMAjax is a JavaScript library and accompanying FileMaker module which includes functions to facilitate communication with a web viewer without reloading the page. It helps you call FileMaker scripts from a web viewer app and return data to the Web Viewer. These solutions work across Mac, Windows, and iOS, on both hosted or local files. FileMaker 13.0v2 or later is required.

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