Claris Product Roadmap 2023 – Streamlining FileMaker Solutions

FileMaker® developers and users now have a clearer picture of their platform’s future thanks to Claris’s unified and simplified platform strategy. This latest news, announced August 29, rolls back the idea of a dual-platform strategy announced a year ago, and highlights the continued support for FileMaker as central to ongoing Claris® product plans.

“We’re committed to FileMaker and its future. Not only in keeping it current in the year 2023, but you can reasonably expect we are fully invested into the future, and we intend to have a FileMaker 2024.”

— Andrew LeCates, Claris

In the Claris Roadmap 2023 announcement video, Andrew LeCates, Claris’s director of product marketing and evangelism, reconfirmed their goal of making FileMaker solutions more versatile and accessible. He also mentioned the company’s commitment to FileMaker and its core user community under a simplified platform stack, which includes Claris FileMaker, Claris Connect, and Claris Studio, with continued investment in FileMaker Server, FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker WebDirect.

Claris FileMaker - Claris Connect - Claris Studio

For those unfamiliar with Claris Connect, it provides seamless integration of external web services to enhance and extend your FileMaker solutions’ workflows. Currently, FileMaker 2023 license holders can use the starting level of Claris Connect at no charge.

Claris Studio is a toolkit for building web-based views to data, which can be integrated with FileMaker applications. Claris announced plans to allow FileMaker 2023 customers to use Claris Studio via a freemium model, to assess its usefulness for their needs. Claris will have further announcements this year regarding Claris Studio availability.

In the video release, Andrew reconfirmed that existing licensing models, such as Claris bundle programs and FileMaker’s standard licensing program, would be available for Claris Platform users. This enables users to transition smoothly to a simplified platform, with an aim to eliminate platform confusion.

As the transition unfolds, users are encouraged to review the product roadmap for updates, engage with Claris, and provide feedback, to help shape the future of FileMaker.

About Claris

Claris, an Apple company, is the creator of the world’s leading professional low-code developer platform, offering a suite of tools that empower problem solvers to drive digital transformation in businesses large and small. The company has more than 1 million active users globally across SMBs, non-profits, and the Fortune 500.

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