Dynamic FileMaker UI Using Layout Calculations

Layout calculations in Claris FileMaker enable us to include dynamic elements in text objects. This is a deceptively powerful addition to FileMaker’s layout capabilities. We’ll describe how layout calculations work, and detail three interesting things about them.

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Let’s make an audit log with Claris FileMaker 2023

Claris FileMaker 2023 puts powerful, native audit logging within reach of developers, with a greatly reduced code footprint compared to existing approaches. In this blog post we introduce the OnWindowTransaction script trigger, leveraging it along with native FileMaker script transactions to create an audit log that is efficient, scalable, flexible, performant, and convenient to implement.

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Dynamic Forms with JavaScript and FileMaker Web Viewers

Using the FileMaker platform we can harness the power and wow-factor of modern web interfaces. This post shows how we can build dynamic data-entry forms for use in our apps.
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