Harnessing Business Momentum with Claris® FileMaker®

Russ Catanach is Marketing Director at Beezwax, as well as host of the podcast DIY For Business. He’s sharing his insights, especially from a business perspective, on being a longtime Claris FileMaker user and developer.

Harnessing momentum is a crucial factor in business success. You can fuel innovation, enhance efficiency, and foster growth by leveraging past achievements and embracing swift progress.

In my early 20s, I sold radio ads for CBS. I closed my first deal just days after my sales training was completed. I was excited to deliver the signed contract to my sales manager, expecting praise and maybe even a little confetti. To my surprise, he said, “Okay, now sell another one.”

I was put back a bit and responded with the very well-crafted response, “Huh?” He told me that the most effective time to close business was while you were still excited about the win and knew what it felt like. I guess my training wasn’t over, as this was possibly the most meaningful lesson I learned.

I used the momentum to push me forward through my next contract and into my next role as a business owner. I took the sales and marketing expertise I gained to my own business. The CBS wins propelled me forward, giving me the confidence to take this leap.

My next challenge was figuring out how to keep moving forward at an accelerated pace. I didn’t have the support and systems I had at CBS; it was just me and my Mac. I had to become more independent and focused on finding my own solutions. I had to become more creative and resourceful to keep the momentum.

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Enter FileMaker

Enter FileMaker — a game-changer for my company and a tool that redefined how I approach innovation, workflow, and client engagement. I used FileMaker to create a powerful, custom-made solution designed to support my organization and keep business momentum moving forward.

The value and benefits from a platform like FileMaker were:

  1. Getting to market faster
    FileMaker was my turbocharged launchpad, propelling me ahead by enabling rapid service and feature development. I used FileMaker as my CRM, inventory system, accounting system, and the brain behind an online portal for client interactions. Using FileMaker, I had a system that adapted to my business needs.
  2. Refinement in Motion
    As with most entrepreneurs, I had a lot of ideas and tasks on my list. FileMaker allowed me to refine and improve my application constantly. This iterative dance allowed me to fine-tune my application and business to cater precisely to my needs.
  3. Adapting to Growth
    As my company and my team grew, having software that allowed me to incorporate user feedback while adapting to my evolving managerial needs was essential. I needed easy-to-understand reports that could provide me with insights into my team’s work to help me make data-driven decisions.
  4. A Strategic Advantage
    With FileMaker’s fast software development as my secret weapon, my company gained an unparalleled competitive edge. The ability to pivot quickly and nimbly in response to changing market dynamics positioned my business as a front-runner.

FileMaker empowered my company with momentum, enabling agility and a competitive edge. My business responded quickly to customer needs and stayed ahead of the curve. The custom-built system precisely catered to my ever-changing requirements, providing a distinct advantage for success.

When it came time to sell the company, I quickly realized that the real value was the data and systems inside my application. The system workflows allowed the next owner to capitalize on past success and leverage existing customer relationships. The data also provided insight into customer behavior and preferences, allowing the new owner to craft more effective marketing strategies.


As for me, I continue forward. Following the sale of that business, I began to help other entrepreneurs scale their ventures. As Marketing Director at Beezwax, I rely on data and systems built with tools like FileMaker in every aspect of harnessing business momentum — and, after 25+ years in business, Beezwax has a lot.

Thanks for reading!
– Russ

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