Pause 2023, an (un)conference

Pause (née “PauseOnError”) this week, highlighted by FileMaker Summer Camp in the northern Georgia hills.

Within the Claris FileMaker developer community, Pause is colloquially known as the (un)conference that was created by the community for the community.

Attending Pause is a great way to get a pulse on how the community as a whole is doing, from large firms to solo devs. Attendees typically include individuals from Claris Partners, in-house developers, independent consultants, and a few folks from Claris. True to the natural setting in which it currently resides, Pause invites organic conversations, not just during (un)sessions, but while hiking, at the campfire, over dinner, travel to/from the airport, or in between sessions. These flow into some of the most enlightening moments of the (un)conference. Connection with others offers us quite literally a way out of the forest-for-the-trees rut we sometimes find ourselves in.

Unlike structured, larger tech conferences, those who attend Pause return home with a look into the future of what may be coming on the horizon and how everyone is preparing for it. It also provides a greater perspective on their personal impact, and the impact their business can have on others. Companies like Beezwax recognize we are only as strong as the community in which we live and work.

“I have a great deal of fondness for Pause,” said Kimberly Carlson of Beezwax. She shared more about her first foray into the FileMaker community with PauseOnError, “It was 2012 in Portland, where people were hunkering down in bathtubs and taking up stairway space to hold conversations. It’s evolved into a ‘pause’ from our daily existence, where we can get a bird’s eye view of how the larger community is doing while re-evaluating our current practices and ideologies.”

Kimberly is facilitating a session at Pause 2023, entitled “Intuitive Consciousness”.

Intuitive Consciousness

@ Pause, FileMaker Summer Camp 2023

Facilitated by: Kimberly Carlson, Beezwax
Date: October 4, 2023
Time: 1:45pm EST
Summary: A philosophical conversation around consciousness with a reminder to listen to our intuition and balance our heavily-coded world with our internal creativity: highlighting the benefits of doing so as a business owner/freelancer/manager as well as a developer and a human. Potential Questions: Do you know the difference between your intuition and your ego? Do you bring enough creativity into your work? Does Al have a place here?

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