Datathon for Social Good 2022 @ UC Berkeley

Datathon for Social Good 2022 is the 4th-annual event for UC Berkeley students to show off their data science skills through real-world project applications. With a focus on technology applied toward social good, this Datathon allows participants the opportunity to explore and tackle current social issues by employing data science to leave a real-world impact.

An Exploration into Environmental Justice & Urban Sciences

This year’s Datathon has several competition tracks that focus on different societal issues ranging from urban sciences to environmental sustainability. Datasets and tools will be provided by CalData, Earth Hacks and Deepnote. Teams create visualizations, analyses, or machine learning models addressing any aspect of the given datasets, which are then presented to partnering organizations and judges.

What: Datathon for Social Good 2022

Who: UC Berkeley Data Science Society (DSS), SAAS Berkeley, CSUA and Big Data at Berkeley in partnership with global non-profits and sponsors.

When: Fri/Sat/Sun, Nov. 11th – 13th

Where: UC Berkeley

Why: Allow students to explore their interests in data science while leaving a positive impact.

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Beezwax is proud to be a sponsor of Datathon for Social Good 2022, as well as to provide on-site mentors for Datathon teams. As analysts, engineers, designers and researchers, we want to recognize everyone at this event as our peers. More than anything, for us this is a learning experience, and we’re truly excited to see what these talented data scientists have to share.