Unite Hacks 2022 Hackathon

Who doesn’t love a good hackathon?! Unite Hacks, a 12-hour, student-led, in-person hackathon is happening this weekend in Oakland, CA. We can’t wait to see what these talented developers can build.

OAKLAND, CA — A new generation of hackers has appeared on the coding scene. Unite Hacks, founded by six teenagers in the San Francisco Bay Area and The Bahamas, is a brand-new hackathon for students, by students.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the goal of Unite Hacks is to inspire young people with the world of computer science, bringing them together to design community projects.

“Our vision is to educate young people by providing them with opportunities to network, learn, and be inspired — to indulge the next generation of coders, allowing them to develop and flourish, not only professionally but personally too.
We are Uniting hackers from all over the world to inspire, create, innovate, and utilize technology. We are providing a place to come together and build a project irrespective of the level of experience, demographics, or background — turning young people’s visions into a reality!”

– Unite Hacks 2022 Team
The event, supported by sponsors like Beezwax, is free for all who wish to participate with no experience necessary. Its goal is to introduce students to computer programming as well as connect students interested in coding from across the Bay Area. Attendees are free to create any kind of project and can even host their own informal workshops.

Unite Hacks 2022 will take place on Saturday, October 22nd from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM at Circuit Launch in Oakland. The event welcomes all high school and upper middle school aged students with proof of vaccination.

Interested in learning more? Visit https://www.unitehacks.com
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Unite Hacks 2022

What: Unite – A Hackathon

Who: High school & upper middle school students. Led by Unite Hacks, a group of student organizers from across California and the Bahamas, who’ve met through hackathons.

When: Saturday, October 22nd – 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, PDT

Where: Circuit Launch, 8000 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA

Why: Unite’s goal is to “unite this community through building a space for students like us to make their ideas come to life through computers and programming.” Attendees can:

  • Design and building something cool
  • Meet people and make connections
  • Learn new skills


  • Free to attend and participate in helping build software that does “…anything! Apps, art, sites, and hardware projects are all perfect for a hackathon.”
  • No prior experience necessary to attend. “Beginner and advanced hackers are all welcome!”
  • To register, or for more info, check out the the Unite Hacks website.

Beezwax is one of several proud sponsors for Unite Hacks 2022.

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