Beezwax Sponsors EngageU: The Biggest Claris® FileMaker® Developer Conference

Christos Savva and Vince Menanno Present Rapid Serverless Integrations and FileMaker Native Script Transactions

This week, Nov 13-15, we’re in Malmö, at EngageU. It’s the biggest Claris / FileMaker Developer community event worldwide in 2022. In fact, EngageU promises to be the largest in-person Claris Community event in Europe, ever!

Claris is EngageU’s primary sponsor, and the conference welcomes several Claris employees and technical staff, including Opening Keynote speakers: Claris CEO, Brad Freitag and Claris Platform Product Owner, Robert Holsey. Other speakers will also include top-level partners from Europe and from all over the world with continuing focus on innovations in Claris® platform development.

Christos Savva and Vincenzo Menanno from Beezwax present two sessions:

Rapid Serverless Integrations

Speaker: Christos Savva, Senior Developer, Beezwax
Date: November 15, 2022
Time: 10:30 – 11:30, CET

Summary: Let’s go serverless! In this session we will go over techniques leveraging third-party app SDKs in a serverless framework. We’ll develop rapid integrations with FileMaker, using AWS Lambda as an example of serverless, as well as comparing this with a server-based approach using Python. To demonstrate this technique we will do live coding and build a fully ready integration between FileMaker and the payments app SquareUp. Participants should have basic familiarity with how APIs work as well as Python.

The New Horizon: Native Script Transactions in FileMaker

Speaker: Vincenzo Menanno, Chief Innovation Officer, Beezwax
Date: November 14, 2022
Time: 10:30 – 11:30, CET

Summary: With Claris FileMaker we look forward to native script transactions. We always had the ability to roll our own transactions, and it had a unique and particular way of working with the need to use dedicated relationships. New script steps promise a whole new way of architecting solutions transactionally. This talk focuses on the reasons one would want to embrace script transactions, how they work, and a look at the performance considerations, especially for solutions over a WAN. A new chapter of FileMaker will usher in a new set of possibilities, in how solutions are architected by simplifying and reducing the code needed to implement transactions while providing possibilities to enhance performance.

Sponsors for EngageU

Thank you to the main sponsor, Claris, the chief organizers, Square Moon and ClickWorks, as well all of the EngageU sponsors and exhibitors: Afterdata, Beezwax, Cosa, Devin,, PositionEtt, MonkeyBread Software, Herr Friedrich, Trigono, SmallCo, and 24U Software.

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