What’s this "Sign in to FileMaker Server" dialog?

If you’ve installed the FileMaker Pro client using a “For Teams” license, or as part of your FileMaker Cloud server usage, you may see a new dialog in FileMaker Pro.

In version 15, FileMaker has introduced a a new user-based licensing model. With FileMaker for Teams and FileMaker Cloud, a license allows use of Server and Client software based on the number of subscribed users.

For this discussion, we are specifically interested in how this change bears on the FileMaker Pro client using this new licensing model.

When first launched, you can open hosted or local files, create a new files, or any other action, with no limitations.

However, within approximately 15 minutes of launching, you’ll be forced to either quit FileMaker or enter some information on the following dialog:


For the Account Name and Password fields, any set of credentials valid on any file hosted on the server will be sufficient.

If you lose your connection to the server, you’ll have another 15 minutes or so before you’ll be prompted again for valid server credentials.



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