The Thrival Guide: @ Burning Man

This is Julian‘s Out of Office email reply. We thought it would be fun to share it, along with the work mentioned herein. Enjoy!

From: Julian Nadel

Subject: Out of Office; @ Burning Man

Hello. I am off-line, returning to email on September 7th.

I’m at Burning Man. It’s a fun place. And a place of great creativity and innovation. It is a testing playground – for art and music, for technology, for costumes, for self-expression, for relating to others. For me, helping to organize Burning Man camps over the years has informed my perspective on successful (and unsuccessful) organizational structures.

A successful Burning Man camp is based on Do-Ocracy, supporting and rewarding each person for contributing to the best of their ability. As is a successful company.


This year, we are making a contribution to the larger Burning Man community regarding environmental sustainability:

The Thrival Guide.

This is a beta web application for searchable resources on how to build an environmentally-responsible Burning Man camp. The ideas and actions generated from this process are meant, in part, to spark our ideation and inspiration regarding improving our mechanisms for sustainability wherever we are, year-round.

Expect to see the Thrival Guide expand and grow over the next two weeks and beyond.


Julian is the founder and president of Beezwax.

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