Introducing ‘Publish To Apple News’ – Open Source WordPress Plugin

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of the Publish To Apple News plugin for WordPress. It’s an open source plugin for the WordPress web platform that enables publishers to push their blog and website content to News, Apple’s all-new app available with iOS 9.

As developers and WordPress users ourselves, Beezwax is proud to support open source development on such a popular platform as WordPress, which powers nearly 25% of the published content on the web.

Integration with Apple News

And now there are already 40 million users for Apple News, which delivers rich and immersive news, magazine, and web content to iPhone and iPad users. Publishers can create signature content for News via Apple News Format. Content is automatically optimized for iOS devices, and publishers can earn revenue with iAd, Apple’s advertising platform. The new Publish To Apple News plugin supports the Apple News Format, providing a bridge between WordPress content and Apple News.

Publish To Apple News

Available now, the Publish To Apple News plugin enables WordPress publishers to:

  • Convert WordPress content into Apple News Format content.
  • Automatically or manually publish posts from WordPress to Apple News.
  • Control individual and bulk posts with options to publish, update, or delete.
  • Set options via WordPress Admin to include photo galleries and advertisements in Apple News Format articles.

To publish content from a WordPress blog to Apple News, a publisher must first sign up for News Publisher and obtain Apple News API credentials from Apple.

Open Source WordPress Plugin

We’re excited about participating in open source development within the large and diverse WordPress community. More than 40,000 plugins are available through, and any publisher, large or small, running the latest versions of WordPress can install the Publish To Apple News plugin.

Other WordPress platform developers can also extend the plugin for custom use, under the included open source license. The source code for the Publish To Apple News plugin is available as open source code on the WordPress plugin website and Beezwax’s GitHub repository.

On WordPress VIP

Already, major additions to the plugin have been made by Alley Interactive, who have extended the code and sponsored the plugin’s availability for use on WordPress VIP, an enterprise-level web publishing platform.

Details, Details

Just a few details to mention…

The Publish To Apple News plugin supports WordPress 4.0 and later, and works with Apple News Publisher API v1.0 or later. The plugin is installed and configured through the WordPress Admin interface, so administrator access is required.

There’s more information at the WordPress plugin web site, including a community Support forum and Installation instructions.

We’ve enjoyed building the Publish to Apple News plugin, and we hope you’ll find it a valuable tool if you rely on WordPress for publishing blog and web content, and want a new way to reach mobile audiences.

As part of our software development services for web, mobile and desktop solutions, Beezwax builds custom WordPress plugins, themes, integrations, and front-end applications. For more information, check out our collection of WordPress services.

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