fmsadmin: where did you go?

I have a few scripts, including some Facter reporting “facts”, that make heavy use of FileMaker Server’s fmsadmin command. After a 14.0v4 on install on Yosemite I was puzzled to discover that one of the scripts wasn’t working.

When run, the script was complaining that the fmsadmin command was missing, yet I could still run the command when I typed it in the Terminal. Puzzled, I eventually found that the shell’s whereis command was returning a different path from what I had in my script’s environment.

Before version 14.0v4, this was:


However, with a 14.0v4 install the command is now located here:


Either way, these are actually just symlinks to the actual executable:

/Library/FileMaker Server/Database Server/bin/fmsadmin

More than likely, these changes were made to work around file system restrictions required for El Capitan’s new System Integrity feature.


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