Show me external vs. embedded containers in FileMaker

Dear InspectorPro: Can you show me a report on the container fields used in my FileMaker solution, with a list of all externally-referenced vs. internally-stored (“embedded”) fields? Sincerely, Thanks in Advance-d.

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Dear Thanks in Advance-d:

Yes! Here’s a screenshot from InspectorPro 7 showing a list of Container fields from an example solution where I analyzed the DDR. Notice the column called “Storage”, which shows “External” or “Internal” (aka “embedded”) for each field.

As a bonus (or perhaps a primary method of Find-ing), you can search through this data, using the LOgiCATOR interface.

I skipped a few steps to get to this point, but they are pretty standard: Generate a DDR from FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced… then run an analysis in InspectorPro 7.

And, of course, there’s a lot more you can do with InspectorPro to analyze your FileMaker solutions:

  • Detect problems and warnings
  • Identify references and dependencies for any element
  • Compare differences between solutions
  • Process DDR on Server (PDoS) for fast, flexible results
  • Share development progress with your team.

Here is more info, including where you can download or purchase InspectorPro 7.

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