bBox 0.80 Now Available

Its been almost a year since we’ve mentioned bBox on this venue, but we are now pleased to announce that version 0.80 is publicly available.

A short version of what is new since its last mention:

  • new SQLite3 functions
  • enhancements to bBox_ExecuteSQL function
  • improvements to XPath error logging
  • XPath updated to libxml2 version 2.9.3
  • additional error results with POSIX commands (shell, grep, etc.)
  • method added for calling a FileMaker script from Python
  • additional data type handlers & bug fix for bBox_FileWrite


As usual, improvements to the examples in the demo file too, with 21 new examples since version 0.71.

And it’s still free!

You can get the details on the bBox plug-in functions at and


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