InspectorPro 7.2 for FileMaker – Faster on M1!

Everything about the M1 Apple silicon leaves you simply delighted and surprised. It’s like the first time you drive a super-charged Tesla and feel the rush of powerful acceleration OR I imagine it’s like when Han Solo first blasts the Falcon into light speed: it must be experienced to be believed.

The same goes for using FileMaker on an M1 Mac in general, it’s so responsive and such a pleasure to use. When you click on the application icon in the dock it bounces up and is running before the icon even lands. The performance is astounding.

InspectorPro 7.2 is optimized for FileMaker 19.3, which gains a huge speed boost just by virtue of running natively on Apple silicon. For InspectorPro 7 users, this new version (v7.2) is a free update that you can download from our website.

Here is the processing time for a complex DDR from a fairly large FileMaker system. On an Intel-based Mac it took 2.5 minutes to complete and on M1-based Mac it took only a hair over one minute. It’s almost impossible not to get excited about those numbers and the performance of FileMaker “universal”, especially on M1.

Here is the configuration for the Intel-based Mac, used for testing:

overview of configuration for Intel-based MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina

Here is the configuration for the M1-based Mac, used for testing:

overview of configuration for M1-based MacBook Pro running macOS Big Sur

The future is very exciting for InspectorPro and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to with the next release. Improved performance is only one exciting reveal we’ve got in store — stay tuned!

Download InspectorPro v7.2

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