FileMaker DevCon, with a capital “D”

The Beezwax Team is in Dallas, Texas on August 6-9, 2018 for the FileMaker Developers Conference. DevCon is always a perfect time to wrangle the best FileMaker insights, training, and connections across the global FileMaker developer community in attendance.

While Beezwax team members will move about the conference discussing tips and techniques for building best-of-breed custom FileMaker solutions, we will also lead conference presentations that dig deeper into technical and business topics:

Wednesday, August 8:

9:00 am: Tableau + FileMaker, a Match Made in Data Heaven!

Tableau allows you to build world-class data visualizations from your FileMaker data, but that’s just the start.

Vincenzo Menanno will cover:

  • Connecting to Tableau’s Web Data Connector with FileMaker’s Data API
  • Embedding dashboards into your custom FileMaker apps
  • Using Tableau Actions to enable interactivity with FileMaker clients

Thursday, August 9:

2:30 pm: Risk and Financial Management for Developers

Christos Savva will cover how to understand and apply risk management principles to managing financial data, including some examples of handling this in a custom FileMaker solution. He’ll discuss processes for finance decision making, and even provide a quick educational overview on key accounting principles, cost estimations, cash flow, billing methods, KPIs, contracts and how to learn more.

Monday – Thursday

@ our Exhibitor booth InspectorPro: FileMaker Platform Analysis, Performance, and Visualizations

Vincenzo Menanno will demonstrate InspectorPro as the perfect companion tool for FileMaker Pro Advanced, helping you detect problems, evaluate references and dependencies, and optimize performance. Vince shows how to extend FileMaker’s Database Design Report (DDR) to provide more comprehensive analysis of schema, scripts and design elements in any FileMaker solution.

Look for the Beezwax Team in sessions and in the exhibitor hall, where we’ll be busy buying free drinks during social hour (😉), as well as showing off the latest versions of InspectorPro, LOgiCATOR, bBox plugin and more.

See you in Texas!

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