hello San Antonio. hello FileMaker DevCon.

It’s FileMaker Developer Conference time, with 8 Beez in San Antonio for DevCon. We’re studying new development techniques from FileMaker Inc. and our industry peers, sharing a few methods of our own and even riding a few mechanical bulls at a real live cattle ranch!

Several members of Beezwax’s development team are featured presenters at FileMaker DevCon 2014, in the following sessions:


  • FileMaker Platform Performance Panel — Vince Menanno with industry experts and members of the FileMaker engineering team.
  • Location in Depth — Jeremy Bante
  • Engaging Design, Snappy UX and Creative User Interaction — Vince Menanno
  • Security Fundamentals — Alexei Folger
  • InspectorPro, A Behind The Scenes Look — Vince Menanno and Beezwax product team.

Also, this year several Beez are hosting and facilitating sessions as “Unconference Workshops”, which is FileMaker’s official DevCon program that enables presentations and group discussions to be organized by conference attendees:

hello InspectorPro. hello Universe.

In our exhibitor booth at FileMaker DevCon, we’re highlighting a universe of new tools, technologies, and techniques that professional developers can use in building FileMaker solutions. There’s a “technology preview” of InspectorPro 5, our developer tool for analyzing FileMaker 13 databases.

InspectorPro’s unique data visualizations (built using using JavaScript, d3.js with FileMaker) enable developers to discover more about their FileMaker solutions, via the software’s Script Tree, Field Index scatterplot, and Script Universe visualizations.

We’ll have more news from DevCon soon. Stay tuned, and follow #FileMakerDevCon on Twitter.

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