Claris Connect integrates Eversign [Xodo Sign], FileMaker and more

Let’s talk about Claris Connect as the way to orchestrate data-driven workflows involving Xodo Sign (formerly Eversign*) digital signatures, Claris FileMaker, Slack and a range of other possible platforms! Fabio Bosisio from Beezwax will walk through details for setting up these types of integrations.

* Update, July 31, 2023: Last month, Eversign changed its name to ‘Xodo Sign’. Based on our research and testing, the APIs for Xodo Sign are the same as for Eversign, as described in this presentation.

Eversign (and FileMaker) integration with Claris Connect

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Fabio Bosisio, Beezwax Datatools
Date: February 16, 2022
Time: 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. PT
Sponsored by: the monthly Claris Connect Meetup (hosted by Portage Bay Solutions).

Update: A recording for this presentation is available at

Summary: During this presentation, you will learn how …

A company needed a fast and effortless way to digitally sign complex documents in multiple languages, while orchestrating their digital signature workflow with data managed by their FileMaker system, and notifications via Slack.

For signatures, they chose Eversign, a highly secure e-Signature platform that brings flexible workflows and an increase in time efficiency for small and large companies alike.

Fabio automated and simplified the entire signature process including requesting a signature for a document, notifying team members via Slack about status, and storing the signed documents in a FileMaker container field.

Using the power of Claris Connect, custom integration is possible for Eversign and FileMaker, along with Slack and other apps supported directly by Claris Connect, as well as an endless list of other integrations through the power of Claris Connect webhooks.

Under The Hood

At the core, two main scripts drive this integration with Eversign — Signature Request and Eversign Event Parser. The first script converts the payload in the proper format and uses the Eversign APIs to make the request. The response is a document hash used in the second script. When the Eversign request is completed, it triggers an event and Claris Connect is made aware of this event through web hooks. It runs the second script, whose action is to complete the signature process and save the completed document.

At this presentation, Fabio will walk through details for setting up this type of solution, as well as share the scripts and code used for Claris Connect, FileMaker, Eversign and Slack.

Eversign integration with Claris Connect -- Meetup presentation by Fabio Bosisio, Beezwax

Eversign (and FileMaker) integration with Claris Connect

Register for and join this event on February 16th, 2022 at 12:00pm Pacific.

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