Beezwax Sponsors EngageU Claris FileMaker Developer Conference

Vincenzo Menanno Presents “Elements for Building Great Solutions” and InspectorPro

This week, November 12-14, we’re in Antwerp, at EngageU. It’s one of the biggest Claris® / FileMaker® Developer community events worldwide this year, and Beezwax is proud to be a sponsor.

Claris, an Apple company is EngageU’s primary sponsor, and the conference welcomes several Claris employees and technical staff, including: Marie Normand, Claris Global Partner Manager, Douglas Wallis, Claris Product Manager and Clay Maeckel, Claris Software Architect. Other speakers will also include top-level partners, innovative developers and community leaders from Europe and from all over the world with continuing focus on innovations in Claris® and FileMaker platform development.

At EngageU 2023, Vincenzo Menanno from Beezwax will present:

Elements for Building Great Solutions

Speaker: Vincenzo Menanno, Chief Innovation Officer, Beezwax
Date: November 14, 2023
Time: 10:20 – 11:20, CET


What are the factors that are reflected in great solutions? This session will cover:

  • How to structure, manage and maintain your code so both your clients and developers are happy.
  • Some forms of technical debt FileMaker developers face, and how to communicate this to your clients so they understand the impact it can have on the overall health of your solution’s codebase.
  • Inspirational resources to light up your user experiences so that clients enjoy using the solutions you develop for them, and continue to engage you for your services.

InspectorPro: Investigate, Accelerate, Collaborate

Speaker: Vincenzo Menanno, Chief Innovation Officer, Beezwax
Date: November 13, 2023
Time: 13:30 – 14:30, CET


Get a sneak preview of new InspectorPro technology, and learn how to leverage advanced diagnostics, perform in-depth analysis, and gain insights with new visualizations. Use InspectorPro to analyze your FileMaker solutions:

  • Detect problems and warnings
  • Identify references and dependencies for any element
  • Compare differences between solutions
  • Process SAXML on FileMaker Server for fast, flexible results
  • Share development progress with your team.
  • And so much more…

About Vincenzo Menanno

Over 25 years of full-time experience as a master consultant, as well as a dedicated creator of products for the Claris developer community, Vincenzo Menanno is widely considered one of the leading FileMaker developers in the world. He’s been a featured speaker at industry events such as Claris Engage and FileMaker DevCon, FM Conférence, CQDF, and many Claris FileMaker Developer Meetups. Vince is the author of InspectorPro, a leading development tool that provides in-depth solution analysis and advanced data visualizations.

Sponsors for EngageU

Thank you to the main sponsor, Claris, the chief organizers, Square Moon and ClickWorks, as well all of the EngageU 2023 sponsors and exhibitors: Bitwok, Monkeybread Software,, 24U, Beezwax, FM BetterForms, BaseElements, FMPerception, Proof+Geist, Ottomatic, SloosICT, PositionEtt, Clarify, KeeSystem, Fullcity, Devin, Soliant Consulting, Herr Friedrich, DataManix, 72 Solutions, Afterdata.

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