Our d3.js Saturday – Beezwax at d3.unconf

Beezwax was a proud sponsor and participant in the first ever d3.unconf in San Francisco this weekend. This event was created as a one-day gathering of data visualization practitioners, centered on d3.js, a powerful and flexible JavaScript data visualization library.

As a participant-driven “Unconference”, d3.unconf allowed us to interact with other d3 devotees in sessions that ranged from “New to d3” through “Multivariate Data” and “Visualizing Neural Networks”.

Kudos to the Bay Area d3 User Group who organized d3.unconf and provided Beezwax the opportunity to sponsor and participate.

Beezwax and d3.js

At Beezwax, we use d3, JavaScript and other web development technologies to help our clients connect with their data in new ways.

As one example, we built an interactive tool for the Neukom Institute to help visualize interdisciplinary research collaborations their organization helps foster (click on the image to read more about this project).

Neukom Community - d3 visualization screenshot


We also use d3.js inside InspectorPro, to provide FileMaker developers with interactive visualization of a database’s “Script Universe”.

InspectorPro 4 Script Universe - screenshot

Future data visualized

Given the explosion of data in the world, and the need to make better sense of it, tools like d3.js will only continue to grow in importance. We hope, and expect, that d3.unconf will become a recurring event, and look forward to participating in future rounds of this awesome event.

If you want to learn more about d3.js and data visualization, here are some of our favorite resources:


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