Restart interrupted FileMaker Cloud deployment

If you had started a FileMaker Cloud deployment, but lost access, accidentally closed the page, or had some other issue that caused the process to stop, you may be able to restart your deployment easily by going to the AWS Marketplace and checking your history.

To see your history, go to Your Software in the AWS Marketplace: If not already logged in you’ll need provide your AWS credentials first.

If your request had at least partially succeeded, you may see a screen like this.  Click on Usage Instructions to continue the deployment process.


If your deployment had gotten farther along, you might see a listing more like this one:


This situation is more ambiguous, and you’ll need to do more investigating to determine what the systems current state is. Checking the event log in the CloudFormation dashboard would be the first place to check.

Another good reason to know about this screen is this is where you would need to cancel your software license from FileMaker if you terminate the instance.



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