InspectorPro 5.5 Feature List!

InspectorPro 5.5 is here! With it come some great enhancements and complete support for FileMaker 14:

• Now supports new features, themes, and styles found in FileMaker 14
• New visualization gives you a quick view of referenced and unreferenced items and problems
• New streamlined database view to help you get a bird’s-eye view of your database
• Automatic detection of malformed XML or invalid characters

Let’s look at each of these items in more detail.

Support for new features in FileMaker 14

If you’re wondering how many places you’ve used a style or button bar … or any new FileMaker 14 features, then InspectorPro has you covered. In the FileMaker versions area you can discover what the minimum required version needed for your solution is.

InspectorPro 5.5's FileMaker versions listNew visualization: Donut visualization
Ever wonder what percentage of your fields, layouts, scripts or anything else in your solution is referenced (meaning in use) vs unreferenced (meaning you could safely delete it)? Now on the top right of every window there are 2 donut pie chart visualizations that help you see this information at a glance and have tool tips associated with them. The new visualization gives you a quick glance at referenced and unreferenced items and problems, helping you see the big picture immediately.



Donut visualization example for Schema
Donut visualization example for Scripts
When you hover over the visualization you’ll get a tool tip with information on script reference and problems.
Mouseover text says that thirty (or 6.3 percent) of your scripts that are referenced have problems and three (or 4.2 percent) of your scripts without any references to them have problems.
Mouseover text says that 477 (or 86.9 percent) of your scripts are referenced and 72 (or 13.1 percent) of your scripts don't have any references to them and could possibly be deleted.
New streamlined Database view
This helps you see all the elements of your solution in one simple view. If you have multiple solutions then this also helps you zero in on a particular area. Clicking on fields for a particular database will display fields for that database alone. Likewise if you have problems and want to focus on problems for fields in that database you could isolate those problems streamlined Database view
Automatic detection of malformed XML or invalid characters
Especially important for users with really old solutions, this helps you know when you have some invalid characters that have managed to get into your solution so you can weed them out. 

Error dialog says Error Malformed XML was detected so The import was cancelled and Verify the errors and report this to FileMaker

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