Highlighting Tableau Certification at Beezwax

Beezwax’s Tableau development and data analytics team has grown rapidly in recent years. In 2021, we achieved the status of Tableau Services Partner, and we’re proud to highlight several Beez — Josh, Sarah and Jules — who have earned Tableau certifications.

Josh, and Jules were each certified as Tableau Desktop Certified Associate, and Sarah earned the title of Tableau Certified Data Analyst.

Tableau Certification At Beezwax

In 2021, Beezwax achieved the status of Tableau Services Partner, a designation from Tableau “for organizations that bring deep analytics subject-matter expertise to shared clients, and deliver implementation, systems integration, training, and solutions-building services”.

At Beezwax, our Tableau Certified staff members are an important resource for leading our growth in analytics and data visualization work, representing us in the Tableau community, and establishing best practices in building client solutions. To encourage the process of developers mentoring other developers, we’ve also included Tableau training curriculum as part of our internship program and internal opportunities for professional development.

We look forward to Beez achieving additional Tableau certifications in the future.

Tableau Certifications – More Info

Tableau Certifications are official credentials bestowed by Tableau Software, certifying a developer as achieving an “essential level of knowledge, experience and skills in developing Tableau solutions,” with the additional description for each of the certifications listed:

Tableau Certified Associate - Desktop - Certification logo

Tableau Desktop Certified Associates “are proficient users of the features and functionality of Tableau Desktop to analyze data and solve problems. They can apply mapping, data preparation, and calculation skills in more advanced data analysis.”

Tableau Data Analyst - Certification logo

Tableau Certified Data Analysts “enable stakeholders to make business decisions by understanding the business problem, identifying data to explore for analysis, and delivering actionable insights.”

Tableau Services Partner logo

Need Help with Tableau?

Beezwax is a Tableau® Services Partner.

Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in Beezwax’s help with your Tableau, data visualization, data analytics or related integration project.

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