Version 0.83 of bBox Now Available

Optimized for FileMaker 15, the new version of bBox includes 160 examples

We are pleased to release another update to bBox, v0.83 of our free utility plug-in to extend FileMaker solutions to other programs, code libraries, or OS X functions (Python, Ruby, AppleScript, Perl, Bash/sh, XPath, SQLite).


This version has the following changes:

  • fix for double-byte UTF-8 characters in text causing truncated output
  • three new examples (and three retired)
  • updates to 32 examples


There are now 160 examples in the demo file. Some of the 23 examples added recently demonstrate how to:

  • use XlsxWriter to create Excel files with formatting & calcs
  • REST query using Redmine’s API
  • run a PHP script [also see the blog post]
  • extract field names used in FileMaker layouts
  • LDAP & Open Directory lookups
  • perform basic SMTP email sending
  • parse JSON weather data from a web API
  • use xhtml2pdf to create PDF files from FileMaker data or HTML
  • bBox_ExecuteSQL supports TRUNCATE with FileMaker 15

In addition, other developers have built example solutions using bBox, including:

You can get more details on the bBox plug-in and its functions at and the bBox Wiki.


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