The Impact of Data Viz | Tableau Conference 2019 Day 1

And we feel welcomed!

Greetings from the Mandalay Bay Convention Center!

It’s Day 1 of the Tableau Conference 2019, and there is so much to see and do here! Prior to tonight’s kickoff, one of the exhibits that I was keen to visit is a Viz Gallery set up on the second floor. Studying each piece, I found myself struck with inspiration with regards to how I feel about data.

So many people stopped to gaze intently on these

A beautiful gallery of data visualizations from the Tableau Conference 2019

The world is driven by data. Everything you interact with — see, hear, touch — leaves a small imprint of information. With so much information around you, noise can drown out what you really want: How does this data impact you?

Looking at the past dictates the future. As humans, we are nothing but reactionaries to the stimuli from the paths we’ve taken. This data is ingrained since birth and becomes shorthand in our memory bank; We expel many of the superfluous details and retain the key elements that determine our decisions.

Step up your game, LA

Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry answering the real questions. Also, #MFFL

When it comes to visualization, there are fine lines to balance. The KISS standard — “Keep It Simple, Stupid” — can only go so far. Instead of simple, you should focus on what’s important. Ultimately, you want to tell a narrative. What is this data telling me, and what actions can I take from it?

Why, Daenerys, why?

This visualization still does not tell us what happened with season 8

When you approach data, you have to be able to make sure that anyone can walk away with the important details just from a glance. This can be a spectrum of colors, specific iconography, laying out charts in a certain way… the options are limitless!

Just make sure you’re telling the story you want to tell.

Onward and Excelsior.

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