Mark Scott presenting at DIGFM: Modular FileMaker Design

We have better tools than ever in FileMaker to create reusable modules. In this video of Mark Scott’s presentation at a Bay Area FileMaker developer meetup, he explores why the combination of card windows and JSON reigns supreme for modular FileMaker architecture. Included is an in-depth look at how modules can open, close, and communicate.

Demos in this presentation include:

  • the LOgiCATOR search-interface module
  • the CalPick date-selector module
  • a sync module between a local FileMaker file and a hosted (FM Server) file.

The latter demo also introduces the “Leave No Trace” technique that uses a self-destructing module to solve the problem of graceful disconnect from a hosted file once the connection is no longer needed.

FileMaker design

These techniques are demoed with FileMaker 16 but should work just as well with FileMaker 17 and beyond. Stay tuned for more from Mark Scott on FileMaker design, or read more here:

About Mark Scott

Mark Scott is a senior developer at Beezwax, having come from a first life as a medical scientist studying human immunodeficiency virus, human papillomavirus, and cervical cancer. He’s immersed himself in FileMaker for over two decades, developing expertise in all aspects of the platform and becoming a Certified FileMaker Developer. He is also the creator of LOgiCATOR, a modular search interface for FileMaker apps. When not developing database tools, Mark can be found exploring the backroads of the San Francisco Bay area, practicing new songs on his guitar, and getting up to the Sierra Nevada mountains on a regular basis.

About This Presentation

This presentation was recorded at the “Database Interest Group for FileMaker” (DIGFM) meeting held at FileMaker HQ on March 8, 2018.

Special thanks to FileMaker Inc. for hosting the meeting and providing the recording. DIGFM is a monthly meeting open to the public, featuring a wide array of speakers and topics of interest to the FileMaker developer community. All are welcome (RSVP required).

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